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  • Bear Dreamer

    7 inches (18 centimeters)

    Dreamer is one-of-a-kind, sewing from German plush and German alpaca. Stuffed with hollowfiber and metal granulate.
    Teddy bear has moving joints of the head and paws. Eyes are glass, nose is made from polymer clay FIMO and covered acrylic varnish. Tinting by pastel.
    Dreamer is hand-sewn by my own pattern. Decorated by lace and paper flower .

    Made by
    Irina Makarova
  • **Barnabas** by AKiSa-Bären

    **Barnabas** loves to sing street ballads of times past, and this he does really loud sometimes ;)). But otherwise, he is very kind.

  • Vintage sewing

    This is an adorable hand made set consisting of a mohair bear and all little miniature items the bear is 16 cm tall
    One of a kind

    Made by
    Shaz Hale
  • **Julius** by AKiSa-Bären

    **Julius** is ruther a shy classic boy. But he loves to play with other little bears and has lots of good ideas ;))!

  • **Thérèse** by AKiSa-Bären

    **Thérèse** likes to climb trees and watching birds! ;))

  • **Jolande** by AKiSa-Bären

    **Jolande** is a sweet classical teddy bear girl and she likes to read books of fairytales! ;))

  • **Jasper** by AKiSa-Bären

    **Jasper** is a calm, good classic bear boy!

  • Rachael

    Rachael is a sweet-pink teddy with a furry brown heart across her chest, a pair of brown paws, and a pair of heart-shaped foot pad! Complete with movable limbs and crystal eyes, and a carefully embroidered black nose. Bring home this lovely teddy baby girl today!

    (Double click the images for better resolution!)

    Please email [email protected] for enquires 😀

    5 out of 5
    Made by
    Tiffany Leow
  • Beethoven

    Beethoven is a handsewn teddy with crystal eyes, five movable joints and a black embroidered nose. Adopt this dole-eyed lovely!

    Double-click on the images for better resolution!

    Please email [email protected] for enquiries 🙂

    Made by
    Tiffany Leow