handmade artist teddy bear

Handmade Collectible Artist Teddy Bears

  • Bear Dreamer

    7 inches (18 centimeters)

    Dreamer is one-of-a-kind, sewing from German plush and German alpaca. Stuffed with hollowfiber and metal granulate.
    Teddy bear has moving joints of the head and paws. Eyes are glass, nose is made from polymer clay FIMO and covered acrylic varnish. Tinting by pastel.
    Dreamer is hand-sewn by my own pattern. Decorated by lace and paper flower .

    Made by
    Irina Makarova
  • **Barnabas** by AKiSa-Bären

    **Barnabas** loves to sing street ballads of times past, and this he does really loud sometimes ;)). But otherwise, he is very kind.

  • Vintage sewing

    This is an adorable hand made set consisting of a mohair bear and all little miniature items the bear is 16 cm tall
    One of a kind

    Made by
    Shaz Hale
A Teddy Bear isn’t just a plaything, but a collectible for many individuals all over the world. Every Bear has its personality and mood; it really is one of a kind. Known around the globe as a “Teddy Bear”, bears are going through a renaissance. Rare types of both old and new collectable bears are real artworks that are a way to obtain pleasure for most collectors. 

The collection worth of a modern Teddy depends upon many factors; however the main will be the author’s work and the production volume. A charming Teddy Bear could be a wonderful gift both for a kid and an adult. It can add style to any interior; creating a warmth and homelike environment. 

A Teddy Bear can be a best friend for the child, sharing in the child’s joy, and hearing probably the most heartfelt secrets of each child. He is the one who will bring a feeling of calm and protection to a small child’s world. Hopefully, this happy and playful mood, which they share with you, will stay with you for a long time. Artist bears are bears developed and created by bear artist. They could be created from synthetic fur or actual fur such as for example mohair. These bears are usually for the bear collector. Exactly like the enthusiasts who collect manufactured bears such as Steiff bears, these bears are usually heirloom quality and may be passed on. 

The fun thing about these bears is each artist has their own style. An extremely popular trend is miniature bears. These bears are just several inches tall and are totally handmade. Some artist make traditional design bears whilst others make very modern design bears. Price varies with each artist based on cost of components, time and energy to make, and experience. The more experience an artist gets the more popular their creations are. Lots of artist enter contests and participate in internet and personal teddy bear shows. General teddy bear artist have become extremely serious about their craft and place a lot of hard work into producing them.

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