Elina Oplakanska

Elina`s Bears by Elina Oplakanska

My name is Elina Oplakanska, my trading name is Elina`s Bears. I’m an architect and illustrator and I like art so much. It is my job and life.

I like to change where i live regularly because for me it’s a big inspiration. I like to travel and to take photos and to make drawings. It gives me a lot of new emotions, inspiration.

My first bear was made a long time ago. But I can’t say on which day I made my 1st bear. I think it was about 6 years ago…or a little bit more. One year ago I started to make bunnies. It is my love. I want to make another kind of sweet animals. I think it can be this year. I have a lot of ideas for the future. I think it will write a book one day with my illustrations and about my bears. I have already some beautiful stories.

My dream was always to make one little vintage bear. I drew and drew…and dreamed. And some years later I bought materials and I made one little bear. It was my first bear. After that I gave it to my friend as a gift.It was a very nice moment. I saw a happy face of my friend. It makes me happy and it’s a moment I will never forget. Since that time I make bears. Now I’m a full time bear maker. It’s my passion and I make my bears with all my heart. I make my bears and bunnies in my studio. My bears and bunnies are an art toys for collectors, they are OOAK (one-of-a-kind). I make everything by hand.

Elina`s Bears are more traditional but in my shabby chic style. My style is like old vintage bears. Every one of my bears has a special character. They are sometimes strong, they have their stories, they are sweet and in love. They have French names. I like to use viscose and vintage fabrics.I like these materials, they are very special. I like shabby chic. And I love antique and vintage things, and also I make my bears vintage, too. Old things have a very interesting and long story.

I find old materials in special materials shops, and often people send old items of clothing that are perfect for this shabby look.

I sell my bears in galleries and also private to collectors.Everybody can write me and I’ll answer to all. My bears and bunnies are on my own website www.elina-niceart.com and also I have Instagram @elinasbears

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