Anja Kiehnle-Sacher

AKiSa-Bears by Anja Kiehnle-Sacher

My name is Anja Kiehnle-Sacher and I live in Freiburg, Breisgau – „The Pearl of South Baden“ in the „Black Forest“. „ 

As with many others, craftsmanship also started already with me in my childhood. Still today I see the hands of my grandmother on mine when we sat together on her corner seat and, even before I started school, she taught me crochet work and knitting. 

Handicrafts accompanied me over and over again throughout my live.   

At the age of 35 I became very ill and in the period afterwards once again handicrafts took on a whole new importance. The first few months after my long hospitalisation were almost exclusively in the bed, however, i could move again, I got out the crochet needle and crocheted cushions and covers.  

 Around this time, I made my first teddy bear from a pattern which I found in a book. After that, I did not make teddy bears any more. But in 2010, a few years later, I was determined to do an online course “Classic Teddy Bears”. with Rotraud Ilisch The only one I’ve ever made.   

2011 I decided to take part in the TED worldwide 2012 in Wiesbaden. I worked out my Teddy bear girl „Greta“ and sent the registration. „Greta“ was nominated and she actually won the first place! 

My joy was so great, that, since this day, I can’t do without my Teddy bears any more. Meanwhile my teddy bears won every year in their categories and classes in the TED and other competitions too.  

 All my bears are completely designed and handmade by myself. I use only the highest-quality materials, as Schulte or Alpaca, Helmbold Mohair, Noble Plush or Viscose. They are at least five way jointed. Classic teddy bears are designed according to their early ancestors, their proportions, expressions and look with Lauschaer glass eyes into the world. Others types often have plastic skeletons for different positions.   

Teddy bears have a long tradition. So many ideas, thoughts and life stories too are directly interwoven with them. Old or new, every Teddy bear writes his own history. Whether in a children’s rooms, among adults, or sometimes forgotten for ages in an attic.  

 Over the decades, they have changed their looks and their diversity, today they appear in all forms and yes, colours too. But they have never lost their charm. They still are good friends, who share some secrets with us. They love being cuddled by us and are sitting on our lap or hand, they always wait patiently and their ears are ever open to our sorrows and needs and also for beauty and such things, that are not intended for everybody’s ears.   

Teddy bears talk all languages of the world, they are absolutely international and don’t differentiate between the people. The joy of them units so many people around the world. They offer connection and equality. These are the thoughts, is my motivation I have, when I am creating my Teddy bears. I myself like to have them around me and I know, that it’s the same with many people too.   

Now, one might say, that „it is only about a Teddy bear!“ I say, „it is not less than about a Teddy bear!“  

 If You want to know more about me and my teddy bears please visit my page: If You have any question, please don’t hesitate and contact me: [email protected]

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